Consultant and Scientific Advisory Panel

Dr. Zabedah Md. Yunus

MD (UKM), MPath (Mal)

  • Former Head of Biochemistry Unit, Specialised Diagnostic Centre, Institute for Medical Research (IMR), Ministry of Health Malaysia
  • Trained in Melbourne, Australia and set up IEM testing in Malaysia at IMR
  • Conducted pilot study for IEM testing in Malaysia
  • Over 20 years of experience in IEM testing

Dr. Tan Chor Teck

PhD (Biochemistry and Immunology)

  • Leading expert in the biotechnology and life science industry in Malaysia.
  • Obtained his PhD in Biochemistry and Immunology in 2012 from the University of Melbourne, Australia.
  • Worked for leading life science company in Malaysia and Singapore, responsible for consulting and training customer all around Asia.
  • Consult both private and public institution including many universities, government agencies and various pharma and multinational company.
  • Expert in a wide range of testing fields including food testing, water testing, toxicology testing, and drug testing.
  • Currently the co-founder of Proctas, a company focus on offering, consultancy, training and testing in the life science industry.
BabySafe screens newborn babies for Inherited Metabolic Diseases (IEM). IEM are genetic diseases caused by defective proteins, which are essential for metabolic reactions.
Liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (LC-MS) is an analytical chemistry technique which is widely used to analyze biochemical, organic, and inorganic compounds.
Established since 2007, Synapse Laboratory has been providing medical testing services including DNA / RNA tests and genetic testing for newborns.

Technology Partners

Synapse Laboratory partners with market-leaders in newborn screening and facilitate innovative new technologies to offer unique screening and diagnostic solutions.